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 Poker Game

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PostSubject: Poker Game   Poker Game Icon_minitime8/2/2013, 7:47 am

The card game of poker has many variations, most of which were created in the United States in the mid-1900s. The standard order of play applies to most of these games, but to fully specify a poker game requires details about which hand values are used, the number of betting rounds, and exactly what cards are dealt and what other actions are taken between rounds.

Types of Poker

1) Texas Holdem Poker
2) card Stud Poker
3) Omaha Poker
4) Razz Poker
5) Three Card Poker
6) Pai Gow Poker
7) Ride Card Poker
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PostSubject: maximum amount of money!!!!!!!   Poker Game Icon_minitime3/4/2013, 6:03 pm

what is the maximum amount that we can earn through this game....
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Poker Game
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