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 8 Things You Never Knew About Online Bingo

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8 Things You Never Knew About Online Bingo Empty
PostSubject: 8 Things You Never Knew About Online Bingo   8 Things You Never Knew About Online Bingo Icon_minitime20/11/2012, 10:30 pm

According to the award winning bingo website, WhichBingo, there are now 360 different bingo site available to play at in the UK. Wow, that’s a lot of bingo sites to choose from.

In a rather quiet day I decided to do some alphabetical and numerical analysis of this myriad of bingo sites. Well it was a very quiet day and there was nothing on television…. (so many channels and nothing to watch…. now that’s another blog post).

So here goes with my 8 things you never knew about Online Bingo;

1) From A-Z there is no letter in the alphabet that doesn’t have a site name beginning with it. Go on try me out……. i? ibingo.co.uk….. Q? QuickStar Bingo….. W? Wow Bingo Z?….. Zingo Bingo?

2) There are five bingo sites that have names that start with a number. 32, 4 and 88 along with two that start 888.

3) Alphabetically the first site is abcbingo and the last site is the dreadful ZoomBingo.

4) There are 84 (yes eighty four!) sites that start with the word ‘Bingo’.

5) Eight sites feature animal names; Chimp, Chick, Bulldog, Devilfish, Goldfish, Hippo, Piggy and of course Foxy.

6) We ‘love’ our online bingo. There are six sites with the word love in their name. These are also supported by love related sites like Scrummy, Kisses, Lippy, Heart and of course Kiss My Bingo

7) People say that bingo is good clean fun. But not if you look at this lot…… Flirt, Naughty, Steamy, and Tickle. I suppose, depending on how you are thinking you could also include Rollover Bingo and Rogers ! But PLEASE do not mention Virgin Bingo in this list !!!!

8 ) Although this list is UK bingo sites, there’s lots of other countries and places included in bingo site names; England of course but there’s also Ireland, Benidorm, Broadway, Caribbean, Hollywood and Scotland. You can also include Mecca in that list. And if you really want to push it you can add Bingofunland!
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8 Things You Never Knew About Online Bingo
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