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 Bingo Behind Bars

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PostSubject: Bingo Behind Bars   Bingo Behind Bars Icon_minitime10/12/2012, 6:02 am

An investigation is underway in the United Kingdom due to some bingo games going on in a Wakefield prison. Inmates are earning thousands in cash prizes inside the high security jail.

The Wakefield jail secures many of the most evil murderers in the UK and they’re sitting around playing bingo behind bars. Bingo prizes have exceeded £4000.

The bingo games are being used as a tool to motivate the inmates to take part in "regime activities". Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright has proceeded with a thorough investigation into the matter of paying prisoners cash incentives.

Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright said: "I want the public to have confidence in the prison system. That is why I am currently reviewing a range of prisoner activities and privileges to ensure there are clear operational reasons for them. We will be asking some tough questions about whether these sorts of prizes are actually appropriate for prisoners."

TaxPayers’ ­Alliance chief Matthew Sinclair said: “Prison is about taking responsibility for your actions, not gambling on the bingo.

"Prison should involve rehabilitation but not cash prizes.”
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Bingo Behind Bars
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